Piggy Gold is the first PG SLOT slot machine game that was meant to be simple to play.

The game’s design is intuitive, making it ideal for novice players who wish to hone their abilities or learn to play slot games in particular. This golden pig slot game, however, is not a standard, low-reward game, since it may provide more than 5,000x in extra rewards in a single spin.

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The game is a 3-reel, 1-row slot with a single payline, similar to the majority of typical slot machines. However, it will be unique in that the payout rate for the prize symbol will be rather high. In addition, there are unique symbols and bonus features that boost the value even further. This makes the game a combination of old, easy-to-win slot machines and modern, high-paying slot machines.

The winning symbols of the slot machine game Piggy Gold.

This fortunate golden pig slot game contains seven distinct sorts of common reward symbols with varying payoff rates. And occasionally, rewards can be won even when not all identical symbols are present. The payout rates for each prize symbol are outlined below.

red lucky pig symbol Has a maximum payout rate of 500 times

The golden pig icon has a payout rate of up to 50 times the wager.

Golden gourd emblem Has a payout rate of up to twentyfold.

green lettuce symbol There is a 15-time maximum payout rate.

Three fireworks symbols give a maximum payoff of ten times the wager.

2 fireworks symbols provide a maximum payoff of eight times the wager.

One firework icon has a maximum payout of five times.

Any combination of three fireworks symbols has a maximum payout rate of three times.

Presenting a new PG game: Lucky Piggy Review of the slot machine Lucky Golden Pig in 2022

This game has both symbols that can win up to 500 times and symbols that are simple to win, such as symbols that can win in any configuration. It is sufficient that I obtain all three photographs. So this pig slot machine is a game with a highly favorable payout ratio. It is simple to obtain awards. In addition, there is a chance to win valuable gifts.

Symbols unique to the golden pig game.

The only sort of special symbol accessible in the golden pig slots game is the Wild symbol, which also has a multiplier rate connected.

Unique Symbol

This game’s Wild symbol will be a piglet in three distinct attitudes, and it will come with a unique multiplier of up to 10x. Obtain a Wild Symbol with a multiplier equal to the reward amount. How much? This reward money will be multiplied by the multiplier rate once more. This makes the payoff for each Wild Symbol extremely lucrative.

Special Lucky Golden Pig Slot Game Features

There are two sorts of special bonuses in the fortunate golden pig slot game, both of which are automatically activated at random on any round. and functions that require unique symbols to activate The following are specifics for each feature.

Multiplier feature

Multiplier feature It can be activated when the Wild symbol contributes to a winning combination. Each Wild symbol has a unique multiplier rate, ranging from 2x to 5x to 10x. Gives the game the possibility to earn up to 5,000x in a single turn by going wild instantly.

Double symbol capability

Randomly, the double symbol functionality will be triggered. This function is randomly enabled whenever any eye is detected. The picture of a pig at the bottom of the screen replaces symbols on reels 1 and 3 with identical symbols. Increases the odds of winning awards Just wait for duplicate symbols to emerge on the second reel.

Evidently, this golden pig slot machine game Despite being a 3-reel, 1-row, and 1-payline slot, it adheres to the format of classic casino slot machines. There are also bonus features and distinctive symbols that make winning as simple as possible in modern slot machines.

Consequently: Piggy Gold slot game review, fortunate golden pig slot

The motif of Piggy Gold is intended to depict wealth and prosperity. Therefore, the primary emblem of the game is a pig endowed with good fortune. In addition, there are several symbols throughout the game that all represent good fortune or fortunate occurrences. Whether it’s a golden pig, Chinese gold coins, or firecrackers used in auspicious rituals, the Lucky Golden Pig slot game is a must-play for fans of amulets and good fortune. You may test it for free in PGSLOTAUTO’s DEMO MODE to familiarize yourself with the game’s structure and payout percentages without making a deposit or spending any actual cash. You may apply for real money to earn up to 5,000 times the bonus from this easy game on our website’s homepage or LINE@ 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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